Join a Committee

The Alliance is fueled by a network of volunteers who participate in many ways. One major way is through joining one of our working committees which include: Education & Training Committee, Policy Committee, Youth Committee, Development Committee, and Communications Committee.  For more information on each of these committees, see below:

Education & Training Committee

Members of the Education & Training committee work with staff to develop educational materials and training curricula, oversee the successful implementation of community-based training programs and monitor the effectiveness of trainings.

Policy Committee

Members of the Policy Committee work with staff to educate public officials on the mission and need for the Alliance. Members work to promote the implementation of new policies, which will advance the mission of the Alliance, as well as ensure that existing policies are upheld.

Youth Committee

The Youth committee works with staff to plan and implement all youth programming, including organizing summits, Day of Silence activities, hearings and gay-straight alliance outreach and support. Additionally, representatives from the Youth Committee work to ensure that the voices, experiences and needs of the youth community are served by the organization.

Development Committee

The Development Committee's job is not only to raise money in order to support the organization, but to also acquire other resources and in-kind donations to promote the organization's health and sustainability. 

Communications Committee

Members of the Communications Committee work to ensure the Alliance’s work is highly visible across the state of Illinois and nationally.  The Communications Committee works to ensure the Alliance’s internal and external communications materials and practiced are of high quality and accurately represent our work and its impact.

Contact Paul R. Fairchild if you are interested in participating on a committee.