Policy Advocacy

Recognizing the importance of inclusive policies within educational entities and human rights agencies, the Alliance staff, Board and volunteers work with key partners on policy and advocacy initiatives with schools, school districts and government agencies at local, regional and state levels. Please contact Owen Daniel- McCarter, the Policy and Advocacy Director, for more information.


Prevent School Violence Act (PA 96-0952) & the Prevent School Violence Illinois coalition

Alliance youth, staff and volunteers, in partnership with the Prevent School Violence Illinois coalition (PSVI), worked to pass the Prevent School Violence Act (PSVA) that was signed into law on June 27th, 2010 by Illinois Governor Pat Quinn. This law defines bullying for the first time in Illinois law, includes enumerated categories of students particularly vulnerable to bullying in schools (including sexual orientation and gender identity/expression), and created the Illinois School Bullying Prevention Task Force. The Alliance is now focused on full implementation of the law throughout the state of Illinois through implementing the recommendations of the Illinois School Bullying Prevention Task Force, targeted advocacy with individual schools and school districts, and a coordinated statewide youth organizing initiative called Achieving Change.

For more information on PSVI or the Illinois School Bullying Prevention Task Force recommendations, please contact Sarah Schriber


At local, state and national levels, policies are a primary vehicle for schools, districts and school systems to communicate their values regarding how all school stakeholders should be treated including students, families, personnel and communities.  The Alliance partners with schools and systems to ensure all policies communicate the value of inclusion based on sexual orientation and gender identity.  This work encompasses policies and procedures related to non-discrimination, equal employment, equal educational opportunity, working with transgender students, bullying prevention, school discipline and beyond.  The Alliance’s partnership with schools and systems on policy work includes ensuring effective policy language, procedures for communicating policies to the entire school community alongside how to make complaints and/or enforce such policies, and systems to regularly review the efficacy of new and/or revised policies.